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The rest had panties, well, like panties, 3 elastic bands in the truest sense of the word.
Nastya had very thin pink thongs, Masha also had very thin strings, only white.
So they remained completely naked.

All had shaved pubes.
The sight of these three naked angels drove me crazy.
We went to another room where the bed was.
I lay down on the bed, and they began to caress me, and wherever possible and impossible !!! Masha began to caress my tongue torso, nipples, And Julia and Nastya began to caress my penis in two tongues.
I, too, wasted my time in vain without taking the machine and started to lick it, fingers, foot, heel, mm.
Yulia was so fascinated by my dick that she was already beginning to swallow him completely, and Nastya began to lick my balls, and that it was more convenient for her to do this, I raised my legs up.
But apparently the eggs were not enough for her, and I began to feel her tongue slowly begin to descend to my anus.
God, I can not convey all the buzz that I felt at that moment.
Masha also moved to my dick.
Nastin tongue diligently caressed my anus.
A few minutes later Nastya was replaced by Masha, and now she caressed my anus.
I also wanted to lick the girls and I took Julia, put her on my face and began to lick her crack.
She was already all wet, so her face was quickly smeared with lubricant.
She sat so that my nose rested against her right in the ass, and I began to use my tongue to get to her ass.
Then I decided to ask the girls if they had anal sex, all three said no. Hidden cam masturbation hd.

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