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On my bed, my Andrew sucks with some kind of blond curvy, squeezing her breasts, rather big size, and behind her spiers another macho, apparently familiar to my roommate.
I stand in shock at the door, and I can not believe my eyes, unable to say a word.
Andrei notices me, pulls away from the whore he kissed a few seconds ago, and looks at me.

He understands not to get out, but you need to do something.
He throws off his partners from himself, jumps up, and runs up to me, with the words: – Dear, forgive me, the roof was torn off, I have wanted to have threesome for a long time, but you.
And although I can hear the words, but I do not understand the point, I leave, slamming the door.
I became disgusted with the man who said something, he just became a stranger.

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out of the entrance, I was moving toward the garages to go away, but my mind overwhelmed my desire, and I did not take the risk of sitting down in such a terrible state behind the wheel of a car.
Tears blanketed my eyes, an insult filled my heart, I wanted to get drunk and get revenge on the goat, whom I loved very much.
Seeing a taxi, she got into it and ordered her to be taken to the club, the one that was at the other end of the city, away from home.
Once there, I sat down at the bar, and the very first thing I ordered was sebeviski with ice, then another, and another.
When I hardly realized what was going on, I went to dance.
Undoubtedly, I do it well, but in a state of intoxication – I don’t know how it looked from the outside, but at that moment I know for sure that there was no thought of changing a loved one, and there was no thought at all, there was only a desire to dance till you drop .

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Then there were some men who offered me cocktails.
In fact, it is not always possible to remember what happened last night after drinking alcohol, so I did it.
After the dance, I woke up in someone’s car.
In the car, music was playing loudly, my head was splitting, I was trapped in the backseat by two dorks, one stroked my knees, gradually lifting the hem of the dress, the other shamelessly felt my second size chest, and the third was the driver.
And then I realized that I was hit.
I began to resist, asked to let me go, but it was not there.
The car stopped, we arrived somewhere, looking around, it was clear that this is an unfamiliar area for me, the only plus was that it was the private sector, although not an abandoned village.
I once again asked to let me go, but.
– Do not be nervous, baby, we will let you go as soon as we play enough with you, and still come without any frills, like you are tselka.
We saw in the club as you lit, a real bitch who fuck and fuck.
I was brought into the house, and immediately sent to the bathroom, so that I was a little refreshed, saying that after a shower I did not dress, but how ashamed it was to go completely naked, and I put a towel on myself.
Coming out of the bathroom, I went to where the voices were heard, to the kitchen, they decided to eat and drink more.
I poured something fiery, so I relaxed.
One of them, the one who was more brutal than the others, pulled the towel off me and ordered me to dance, because it works so well for me.
By the way the rest, I nicknamed the cheerful and brunet (he was the most beautiful of them, a sort of macho with blue eyes and full lips, and charisma from him blew a mile away) So, by order of the brutal, the guys turned on the music, and I had to dance for them , I have already come to terms with the fact that I won’t just leave here, I decided to relax and have fun.
Brunette, yes, he who was the most beautiful, stretched out his hand to me, and I gave him my own, he pulled me to him, sat me on his knees and kissed him with his tongue, oh, how cool he was kissing, and through his pants you could feel power.
Did I want him? Yeah, how about, but only him, but then two more were attached to it. Reality hidden cam lesbians teen.

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