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I still had her captured nipple in my mouth.
While I was getting off, her other hand had snuck down into her own shorts.
When I started to get my senses back I could feel Ann rocking against her fingers. Fitisov29 chating sex indonesia.
I brought my arm up and around her shoulder to hold her closer to me.
She started to moan and rock harder.
This was thrilling to me.
To be able to bring pleasure to someone else was a wonderful new concept.

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I wanted her to cum so bad, and soon I was rewarded.
Ann started to make little squealing noises.
I could feel her hair swishing around as she wiping her head from side to side.
and then she was cumming.
I held her tight and sucked like crazy at her nipple. Porn clip dream sexy pakistani.
After a minute she just collapsed on top of me.

Her hair spread out over my eyes.
When we both had caught our breaths she raised up and looked at me.
Her face was flushed and glowing.
She smiled at me and asked, “Well, did you like it?” I am sure my smile said it all but I managed to say, “Yes, very much.
” She leaned down and kissed me again and then just laid her head on my chest and rested. Single black women maniwaki tn.

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