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Michael was out of town and I felt kind of exposed sitting there in that outfit.
It was part of the job and I knew that I looked damn good in those tight clothes.
My breasts look massive.
I read somewhere that studies have shown that the way we dress affects our self-image and behavior. Justmedaiana videochatru xxx.
I definitely felt like a slut in my outfit.
It was about 11:00 am and I had just finished processing some orders, when a customer walked into the office.
He’s a good looking, middle-aged black man about six feet tall and weighing maybe one hundred and eighty pounds. Woman with a lincoln arm are leg.
He looked me over, blatantly staring at my breasts as he said, “My name is Kendall, and I was hoping to see Tammy here today.
Is she still employed, or are you the new girl?” I stood up to shake his hand and replied, “Hi, Kendall, my name is Cassie. American pie bare as you dare bikini contest.
I’m Michael’s wife and I have replaced Tammy.
It’s nice to meet you.
What can I do for you today?” He replied, “It’s probably not going to be the same without Tammy.
I’ve always looked forward to the, uh… shall we say, special attention she gave me when we were selecting items in the garage. Folsom street piss videos.

You’re a very pretty and hot replacement, though, with that nice ass and huge tits of yours.
I’m surprised that Michael would let you expose yourself this way.
The fact that he doesn’t mind makes me wonder if you have taken on all of Tammy’s former duties. Slutload pantyhose disgrace.
I sure hope that you have, since I’d like to keep buying my product here.
” Michael was right that the men would be aggressive, and the fact that I’m Michael’s wife didn’t faze Kendall in the least.
I have to admit that it was somewhat arousing being dressed that way, being undressed further with his eyes, and having a handsome, mature man who I thought was a player hitting on me. Lingerie fight.
I didn’t want to let Kendall know that I was aware of Tammy’s extra services; yet I also knew that his not-so-veiled threat about losing his business was a problem.
I wanted to talk to Michael and give myself time to think of what I should do, and said, “I don’t know what you mean about Tammy’s former duties, but I’d be happy to show you whichever samples you desire.

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I need to make a quick phone call and will meet you in the garage in a couple of minutes.
” Kendall went to the garage, and I called Michael, hoping that I could catch him on his cell phone.
He had just left one factory and was in the car headed to another one. Irida1 sexy chat without login.
I recounted every word of my conversation with Kendall.
Michael was obviously upset when he said, “Holy fucking shit, Cassie, I was afraid this would happen.

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