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The next one splattered across her nose and the third one shot deep into her mouth.
Then I directed the last two spurts on top of her head where it began to run down.
My cum is not very thick, so it soaked in quickly. Mega amateur clips.
John: “Good, Bill.
Now feed it to her.
” So I scooped up my cum from her face and she eagerly sucked it off my finger.
When her face was relatively clean, she took my cock back into her mouth and sucked out a few more drops. Great bikini march the great australian bikini march.
John: “You suck cock really well, babe!” Veronica giggled and kept right on sucking.
I ran my finger into her hair, took her head in my hands again, and humped her gorgeous face until my cock started to grow again. Date site.
She was giving me the blowjob of a lifetime and the fact that she was my boss’s wife made it even more arousing.

I couldn’t wait to get between her legs! John: “Okay.
Get in bed and fuck her, Bill.
” As directed, we got into bed and Veronica spread her legs, waiting for me to mount her. Black slut cuckold.
At that point she was the most gorgeous girl I’d ever been with.
John: “Eat her pussy first.
” So I got my face between her legs and gave her clit a hard lick.
She moaned, thrust up her hips, and took my head in her hands. Bondage hanging neck.
I continued to lick and suck her clit until she had a hard orgasm.
John: “Now fuck her hard, Bill.
Really ram it to her!” I crawled up between her legs, guided my cock into her pussy, and rammed it in with one quick hard thrust. Telegraph co uk dating.
“Ugghh!” Veronica groaned loudly when my cock head hit her cervix.

I lay down and slid one hand under her ass and started to pound into her as hard as I could.
She wrapped her legs around my waist and fucked me back. Teen naturist contest.
As I kissed her neck and shoulders, she was moaning with each thrust.
Then she whispered in my ear, “You’re so much better than John.
” John: “Fuck her good, Bill.
” “Can we meet sometime?” she whispered. Sweetpumpkin live sexy vedio chatting online.
He must not have heard her whispers and I was thrilled if what she said was true.
I could easily imagine having an affair with John’s “trophy wife” and I planned to pursue that possibility.
“Cum inside me, Bill,” she whispered. Yalta dating ukraine 100.
“John won’t know.
” I was close to cumming, so when it happened, I just stopped pumping as though I was trying to catch my breath.
My cock was spurting gallons of cum into Veronica and she couldn’t resist the urge to keep humping my cock as it spurted.

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When my balls were drained, I said, “I can’t cum again, John.
Once is all I’ve ever been able to cum.
” John: “Okay.
Roll off and let Veronica suck you clean.
” So I rolled over and Veronica took me into her mouth and sucked me for at least five minutes. Geile blondine zum fick-billard uberredet amateur tube.
John: “Okay.
Cut!” I guess the “take” was over.
“You did quite well, Bill,” John said as he put his camera away.
“It’s just too bad that the other two didn’t want to participate.
How did you like fucking my wife?” “She’s a really good fuck, John. Erotic letter sample.
How often do you do this?” “Oh, I guess this is the fourth time, isn’t it babe?” “Yes I think it is,” Veronica said as she slipped out of bed and went to the bathroom.
I noticed tell-tale cum smears on the sheet and hoped John wouldn’t notice, so I quickly covered it with the bedspread. Fine college babe nude.