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But she wasn’t the only one.
I could feel my own orgasm starting to build.
I worked my hips in rhythm with Morgan.
This was getting more intense by the second.
Dita picked up on the fact that Morgan was getting hot, which made her stroke her own pussy faster.
“Oh, Baby, let me see you cum.
” she encouraged Morgan. Natalie dylan take my virginity.
Morgan was moaning in excitement.
My orgasm was getting more intense, as well, and I started moaning.
“Oh you’re both going to cum!” Dita said with excitement.

Morgan was slamming down on my cock.
I felt her pussy squeeze my cock, followed by an explosion. Live two way cam chat.
Morgan came hard on my cock.
She was still riding me when her arms gave out and she fell flat against me.
I reached around with both of my hands and cupped my cock with my forefingers fingers as I continued grinding and fucking her.

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Morgan had completely submitted to me.
Her orgasm was winding down as I was about to explode.
Then I felt Dita’s hand pull my cock out of Morgan’s pussy as she started stroking me.
My cock erupted, shooting cum into the air. Lost bet sex stories.