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He pulled another chair up beside her and reached across her body to get the lotion.
As he did so he couldn’t help but stare at her ass.
Had her ass always been this nice? he wondered to himself.
He looked down and noticed how if her suit was only but an eighth of an inch over, he’d not only have a view of her ass, but of her hole as well. Join mom.
He always had a thing for watching anal videos, and his mind quickly wandered to the idea of him pulling her suit aside even further.

She looked back at him.
“Well, you going to lotion me up or what, ‘bro’?” she said with a huge smirk. Samantha tampa swinger free porn pics 2018.
Dax shook his head and with a small chuckle he replied, “Yeah, uh.
yeah, sorry, was just about to.
” He flicked open the bottle and squirted some out directly onto her bare back.

It must have still been a little cold because she jumped and was immediately covered with goosebumps. Word footer not updating.
He set the bottle down and with a deep breath, he started to rub it in.
Slowly, in the middle of her back, he worked it up to the base of her neck and shoulders.