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TAKING THE FARMER’S WIFE Sisyphus It was a stormy summer night and I was lost.
I could barely see through the rain pounding my windshield.
Thunder rumbled and lightening cracked sending bright flashing bolts across the sky. Wife masterbating watching porn slutload.
It had been a hot humid day of driving and I should have arrived at my friend, Jake’s house hours ago, but the directions were vague and I must have missed a turn-off.

It was dark and I couldn’t make out addresses or road signs. Sterling heights michigan sexy webcam.
Houses were far apart with no lights on but I knew I was in an isolated farm area.
The gas gauge dropped below empty.
I hoped that if I kept going I would soon find a highway and a gas station.
I was tense, not sure what to do and cursed my bad luck and stupidity for missing the turn-off sign.

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I had been traveling since dawn and needed a new scene after being laid off from my architect job and breaking up with my bitch of a girl friend for the second and final time.
I had just passed a farm house and saw a light on when I heard my car sputter, choke and come to a slow stop. Chicks play strip russian roulette video.