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Reece lost the battle as they all went hiking, then snorkeling.
The women had gone through the mud baths and were heading to massage tables.
As they undressed for their massages, Tasha made it a point to stretch and turn so that Gia could get good a look at her exquisite body, not knowing the she already had. Xxxpussxxx top cam models.
Gia, being about 4 inches shorter than Tasha had just as lovely a body only in a smaller package.
Tasha noted the girl’s creamy caramel colored skin, her berry brown nipples standing erect on her large swollen breasts. Sussansanders free fuck web.
Gia’s little pussy was clean shaven.
For a moment, she looked like a teenaged girl staring up at her.
“What?” Gia asked.
You’re very beautiful.
” She said trying to hide her bitter tone.
“Thank you. A vigina thats fucked hard iced.
” She said lying down on the massage table.
I still don’t see what he sees in you.
Both women said to themselves.
The women continued inspecting each other, under the guise of pleasant small talk.
Trying to see what Reece saw in the other.
“May I ask you something?” Gia said to Tasha in the middle of the rub down.
” “Do you use birth control?” “Ah,” Tasha sat up looking around the room.

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The two masseuses continued working as if they heard nothing.
“Yes, I do.
I have one of those control devices that you can leave in for a few years to prevent pregnancies.
Why do you ask?” “Just wondering. Telugu adult sex.
Jordan had mentioned you ‘date’ a lot.
And I was just wondering how you ‘handled’ things” she said with a sweet smile.
“I wouldnt say I ‘date a lot.
” “Well he said you ‘dated’ him and several other people at your office, and even in the building.
” “Oh, did he.
” Tasha replied indignantly.
“Its no big deal I was just asking.
” Tasha was huffing, thinking on whether or not she should continue this conversation as Gia settled back down on her massage table. Free adult sex chat.
She decided not to.
The tense atmosphere lingered, but it didn’t seem to bother Gia.
After pampering, they were dressing in their robes, getting up, ready to head up to their rooms and change for dinner. Musedevil online adult cam.
“He won’t leave me, you know.
” Gia said pulling on her robe.

“What?” “You heard me.
Reece won’t leave me.
I don’t know what you’re planning or think you’ll accomplish.
But he won’t leave me.
” “Ah, Gia I don’t know what you think is going on but-“ “That’s pathetic. Free cyber sex hookup.
” “What?” Tasha snarled.
“To lie like that, it’s pathetic.
You want my husband.
You’ve made that crystal clear.
But he doesn’t want you.
” Gia said calmly, leaving the massage room, and leaving Tasha to brood. Casual fuck buddy s tijuana.
Jordan had already gone sometime ago.
Reece was hoping for good, as he waited for Gia.

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