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There, I ran my fingers up and down her wet lips redistributing the moisture.
I made fast and small circles over her aroused clit, arousing her even further.
We saw that she was close to an orgasm, and this prompted Simon to organize a towel. Stepmom petite.
With the towel in place, I picked up the pace.
The two-handed effort begun to pay off, as she began to twist and squirm.
I ignored her complaints of wanting to pee; it’s not pee that’s coming, it’s a wet orgasm. Amateur lesbian youjizz.
I carried on driving her throughout the squirting orgasm, retracting her over-sized clitoris’ hood to finish off.

Once I recovered, I didn’t let them touch me.
It was a strategy to get them to come in a month’s time for the next hike. Large cumshot movies.
I hugged both of them individually as I said my good-byes and left.
I left her wanting, I knew she wanted to do me as well, but I didn’t want a one-night stand.
~~~ We kept on meeting up like that for the next year or so. Naked twins girls.
Each month, Melissa kept on bringing a lighter and lighter body.
I kept on complimenting her on the achievements.
Her stamina kept on improving not needing as many stops.
The incident site had a special significance for us, as without it we may not have grown as close as we did.

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It became a tradition to go to Simon’s place after the hike, for ‘a shower’.
As time went on, we performed more and more daring sexual acts with each other.
Quite early on, we discovered that Melissa still had her hymen intact. Hot nude teen mexicans.
We respected that, and never inserted anything in there.
Encouraged by Melissa, of all people, I tried a little non-penetrative gay action myself.