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Saturday mornings were so incredibly dull in the confessional.
Jude Thaddeus was the only parish in the state that still used the little booths.
All the others had long since switched to a more open, face-to-face practice. Miranda201 medd sexchat.
For three solid hours he sat in that dark, cramped closet just waiting for someone to step in to its neighbor.
All told, maybe eight or nine parishioners sought the sacrament of reconciliation each week—and they were the same people with the same boring, venial sins. Xhamster bbw gangbang.
He wanted to hear some juicy confessions—carnal sins.
No one ever seemed to confess the sins of the flesh.

In fact, the young musician’s recent explicit confession had been the very first of its kind that Father Secco had ever heard. Galleries of suspender string bikini.
It whet his appetite.
Two days later, Father Secco stood at the same telephone kiosk and punched the same number.
The same voice answered.
“Thank you for calling It’s Just Sex! How may I direct your call?” “I have a three o’clock telephone appointment with Ms. Stocking porno movies.
” “Ah, yes.
Thaddeus, isn’t it? One moment please.
” A female voice came on the line a few moments later.

Thaddeus, I’m Sonia Harris.
So nice of you to seek our services.
I must say, we’ve not yet had a client who did not want physical contact. Nipple penetration hntai.
How exactly can we help you?” “Well, Ms.
Harris, I’ll be blunt.
I am a priest—a Roman Catholic priest—and I have been so bored while hearing confessions that I’ve actually fallen asleep.
I want to spice things up—to hear a seriously sexy confession every so often—perhaps on a regular basis, if all goes well.
” “I understand completely, Father, and I believe we can help you.
” He could hear the smile in her voice.
“Under the circumstances, I will waive our requirement for blood tests and its associated fee. Erotic pornstar pictures.