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I rocked back and forth rhythmically, my hands on his shoulders, staring intently into his eyes.
He rested his hands behind my shoulders.
He leaned forward to plant a gentle and soft kiss on my bare neck. Etna girl need sex.
Oh my gawd! His kiss sent shivers down my body.
I could feel the walls of my pussy constricting on the shaft of his cock.
It was as though I was on fire.
He had unbelievable stamina.
I shifted back and forth, his rock hard cock still in me. Thai strip club nude.
He slipped his hands from my back and over my exposed nipples.
As he lightly pinched each nipple between a forefinger and a thumb, I thought for sure I was going to explode.
He looked into my eyes.
Oh my gawd! Datingabc com. He pressed forward and thrust his lips on to mine.
As our tongues met in a fiery exchange, there was no holding back.
My entire body stiffened and trembled.
My womanly juices flooded his lap and dripped on to the floorboard of the cart. Exclusive fuck big dick.
His body tensed and I could feel his cum, filling me to overflowing.
He bit down on his lower lip, and slipped a finger into my mouth.
I playfully bit down lightly on his finger and shook my head.
Oh my fucking gawd! Erotic nude women public.

The feelings were intense! I reached behind me and ripped the rubber bands from my pony tail.
I shook my head, letting my hair fall over my bare shoulders, as another tremble rocked my body.
I laid my head on his shoulder. Milf mother seduce young boy to fuck when dad blowjob hot porn.
“Oh… my… fucking… gawd.
” I exclaimed breathlessly, holding on to my lover.
Another golf cart rolled down the fairway.
They slowed for a second and then sped off.
I am pretty sure they got a good luck at us, but I didn’t care. Foxcentury livesexvido chat.
I was ecstatic.
I ripped Evan’s shirt from his body and sucked on his nipples, even as his erection subsided.
After a few minutes, he breathlessly asked, “Are we safe?” I assured him were safe in every aspect. True amateur models pantys.
We kissed again.
In fact, we sat in that wooded grove and traded kisses for quite a while.
A second golf cart approached.
We leaned over in the seat, to hide.
The cart slowed and stopped.
My heart was pounding. My_tiger video chat sexi direct.

I thought for sure it was a course official and that we had been caught.
Then, it re-started and drove off.
We quickly redressed.
I used a towel from my golf bag to wipe myself clean and then tossed the towel into the weeds, as Evan put the cart in gear. Amateur mature naked heels.
His golf ball was gone from the middle of the fairway, probably picked up by another golfer.
Two older men were already teeing off at the very next hole.
We pulled up behind them and I propped my feet up on the front of our cart, insuring they would get a clear view of my cum-soaked pussy. Office woman giving foot job to man.
After teeing off, both guys made their way back to their carts that were parked in front of us.

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