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Mat’s strong, all too capable body above her makes her tremble in anticipation.
He takes his time.
Ridding her of the skirt and bikini, Mat’s mouth is everywhere, massaging her body, kissing and nipping and trying to relax her. Black young girls get pussy fucked.
He lowers his head between her legs and licks her pussy to prepare it for him.
Abby likes this.
She knows this, the familiar pressure of his tongue, a part of him he hasn’t given her in days.
Mat slides a finger into her, and then another, reaching inside her as far as he can. Jared leto cock.
She responds, knees as far apart as they can get, hips rolling to meet his touch.
He tries to add a third finger, but it’s difficult.
She gasps when he forces it in, attempting to loosen her up.
The extra pressure brings her close, but Mat knows her body all too well.

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He can sense her impending orgasm, removing his hand before she can get there.
He needs her as aroused as possible for what he’s about to do.
Pulling himself back up her body, he looks down at her anxious face. Fresh faced amateur porn.
“Are you sure?” he asks, and despite the nerves eating at her, she nods.
His mouth goes to her ear.
“Relax, baby.
I’ll take it slow, I promise.
” Abby swallows hard and shuts her eyes, trying to regulate her breathing. Indian college hd.
Mat can’t believe this is about to happen.
With his lips on her neck, he reaches down to grab himself, and she feels when his weighty organ touches her.
“Ohh,” she sighs from the warmth of it.
Mat rubs his swollen head all around her wetness, massaging her folds.

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He humps against her, the length of his dick sliding along her slit, and she moans.
He moves back and forth, hoping the motion will entice her, giving her an idea of what it will be like once he’s inside her. Older women having sex merakwin.
She loves it, the feel of his shaft against her swollen little clit.
“Are you ready for me, baby?” “Yes,” she coos in her delicate voice.
“Just stay relaxed,” he coaxes.
Then he lines himself up and begins pressing into her. Looking for a fuck selva.
The sensation between Abby’s legs is terrifyingly new.
Just the head of him feels so big.
Her wide blue eyes stare up at him, every ounce of innocence displayed on her face.

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