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“Fucking shit.
” Venezia screams while trying to kiss Roxie.
Venezia is a little late to the squirt party but makes up for it with one big gush as my cock slides out of her.
She drenches all of us with a massive explosion of juice, intensified by our bodies clashing together. Nude kira joy model.
My thrusting dick slides back into Roxie just as she quivers from her passing orgasm.
Her pussy is still tight and begins milking my dick.
My orgasm hits me just as hard as theirs hit them as my shaft expands like a balloon. Boob baby pillow.
“Ah! Shit, shit-” I groan as hard as I can.
Roxie gasps from the feeling of my swelling cock inside her.
The first stream to pump into her coats every inch of her wall as it last about four seconds before it stops. Wildorchid777 sex chats apps.
Hot cream gushes out around our fucking as another burst into her slippery tightness.

I’m cumming so hard that I fall back against the couch.
She stays in my lap and softly bounces until my third shot lifts her off of me. Sample catchy dating headlines.
She sits on my stomach as my cock falls against her overflowing pussy before shooting a fourth stream onto her chest, splashing so much cum that it plasters both her tits.
Another stream launches that high and continues her plastering. Masturbate bath.
She looks down at my cumming member just as stream launches, and it splashes all over her face.
“Oh shit,” she giggles while licking her lips.
Half her face is covered in a thick layer of cum, so she leans her head back to avoid any more shots to the face. Hot russian porn model.
She’s too tired to move, so Venezia slides over to us and grabs my cock.

As she aims it at herself, more streams fire and coat her brown tits in my white cum.
The contrast makes me cum harder, so some of my streams start landing on her face as well. Sex for free sacramento california.
“Oh god, how much are you going cum? So fucking hot! Don’t stop cumming.
Cum for me pappi, cum big.
” Venezia’s starts stroking my shaft to milk me dry faster.
She beats another stream out onto her arms and chest before leaning down to suck a stream out. Christina model cmh.
She gags as it splashes against her throat and nearly chokes her.
After another four of my huge streams, she pushes my dick back into Roxie’s overflowing pussy.
I feel my cock squishing back into Roxie’s pussy, and it finishes coating her cervix until I finally stop cumming. Love seek dating online.
Both girls are covered in my cum and my dick is still throbbing inside of Roxie.

“So fucking much,” Venezia moans.
“It’s so hot and thick,” Roxie adds while moaning just like Venezia.
Venezia leans over and swaps cum with Roxie in a kiss while rubbing their pussies together. Sutton no asshole rule.
I can feel Venezia’s pussy squishing against Roxie’s cummy pussy and that relaxes me some.
Their passionate kissing and rubbing causes both of them to moan in each other’s mouths as my cock softens inside Roxie’s pussy. Amateur big tits webcam.
I reach around and massage Venezia’s hips while kissing the back of Roxie’s neck.
Roxie looks back at me with her cum plastered face.
“You finished?” “Not if you’re not.
” I move my hand over to her pussy to rub over her clit. Gay dating for professionals.
“I think we have to keep her,” Venezia adds before leaning over to kiss me.
“She makes both of us cum far too much.

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