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Tweaked hard as I’m cumming,” Kenny said, “So do you use toys when you’re on your own?” “Not really as it’s too hard to keep them in place without contorting myself into a position that isn’t comfortable for wanking! Iodating. I do have a dildo that has a suction cup on it.
You can attach it to flat surfaces and back on to it.
I do that sometimes when you’re out!” “Why specifically when I’m out?” Kenny asked puzzled.
“It needs a mirror or a fridge to stick in place properly.

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The tiles in the bathroom work but there isn’t enough room to kneel down in there.
The fridge is good and so is the full length wall mirror in the hallway, especially as I can put the mirror from your room to the side of me and watch myself.
” I blushed, realising that was probably too much information!

Wifes italian suck dick orgy. Kenny was looking at me with his mouth open.
His cheeks were red and I couldn’t help noticing his hard cock again.
“Say something!” I finally said.
“I just wondered if I almost caught you once.
I came home and heard you dart into your bedroom and my mirror was in the hallway,” Kenny said gently.
“Yep, you almost did!” I said remembering just how close he’d come to finding me with a rubber cock up my arse! “Can I see it?” Kenny asked.
“Just the suction cup one or all my toys?” I asked.
“How many have you got?” Kenny asked, his eyes going wide.
“The suction cup dildo, a strap-on dildo and a long thin vibrator.
” I got up, trying to hide the obvious erection in my shorts and went to my bedroom to get the toys. Free chat sex.