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It hadn’t taken long for the other women to start rumours about her sexuality.
Shania usually didn’t tolerate or encourage such office gossip about another staff member, but in this case was admittedly caught in a slightly awkward position, as mingled amongst these rumours were open suggestions to Shania about the way Rana looked at her. A massage sounds leetonia doesn t it.
Shania would often rubbish these claims and tell the girls to get a life, but sometimes she couldn’t help but wonder.
Things had got a bit heated that day when the other women had left early in the afternoon to begin their Christmas break and Rana had offered to stay back and help Shania tie up some loose ends and close the office.

It had been a busy few weeks and things hadn’t been great at home for Shania either.
Her business had been turning a healthy profit over the last few years, but that also meant that they were taking on more and more work which was keeping her away from her family. Best chubby online chats.
She had made love with her husband only six times in the last two years.
She wasn’t the one counting though.
The mathematician in him ensured that he occasionally let it slip that they weren’t really hitting it off under the sheets lately.

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Their situation was made worse by the fact that he often had to travel interstate for work and she was spending more and more evenings and nights at work with their son happily sleeping in the office bedroom with her. Free sex chart without sign up.
And since hiring Rana, she had been subconsciously finding more reasons to stay back at the office, especially since Rana would often stay and keep her son company and help him with his school work.

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