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” With that, I placed the beige, latex ring of protection on the head of my brother’s hard erection and slowly rolled it down the length of his shaft, all the while looking deep into his eyes.
I have never felt more love for anyone than I felt for my brother at this moment. Southern california norms swinger parties.
I liked how Gary’s boner throbbed repeatedly in my hand as I prepared it to enter me safely.
The pulsing heightened my already aroused state.
I could feel my juice slowly leaking out of my, coating my upper thighs and buttocks. Blindfolded cocksucker hurdsfield for masc.
I had never been this turned on before.
The condom had a cute little reservoir at the tip that would capture my brother’s semen, protecting us both from pregnancy.
It looked like a little hat on top of his latex encased cock.

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Once the condom was fully in-place and secure, I lay back on the bed, removed the blanket and opened my legs.
Gary climbed between my thighs and positioned himself at my wet opening.
I could see his rigid erection bobbing up and down as he positioned himself to enter my virginal pussy. Aubreynbilly sine liven sex com.
That image is seared into my mind; and the memory arouses me even now.
“Gary, you are very large.
Be careful and go slow.
Don’t hurt me… I am very tight down there…” I cautioned.
Gary nodded, indicating that he understood. Sexy tween halloween costumes.
I felt the large, bulbous head pressing against my vulva, stretching me open as he entered me about an inch or two.
“Oh, god, Gary, you are so big… god, easy… go slow…” I panted.
At first I was not sure I could take him without tearing my tight vagina open.

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My voice quaked with a level of fear and excitement.
I was scared, but I wanted to prove I was woman enough to fully accommodate him.
But I needed him to go slow, and be gentle.
“Oh, god, Gary… I don’t know if I can take you… you are too big…” I whimpered. African girls wisconsin sex.
I knew that he only had the head inside me an inch or too, and it hurt.
“Stop for a second… let me adjust… please, Gary… you are stretching me so wide…” I panted as I lay there with Gary’s erection just inside my opening. The difficulty of two celebrities dating each other.
“Slow, go slow… god, I feel so full.
I don’t know if I can take all of you.
Oh, god, you are so huge….
” I could feel every pulse and throb of his large cock as it stretched me wider with a combination of pain and pleasure. Chatrandom melayu.
He pulled out slightly and slid back in, a little deeper this time.

I grunted and panted as he slowly filled my tight, virginal vagina.
This time he entered me two or three inches deep.
The pain was subsiding. Antonette online webcam.
My vagina was adjusting to this massive intrusion into my inner core.
It was really, really happening.
I wanted to take all of him.
I wanted to do this for him.
I wanted to show him his little sister was mature enough to accommodate all of her big brother. Sex deck chair.
I wanted my brother to fuck me good.
I moaned as Gary pulled out yet again and slowly slid in a little further.
I could feel him deeper inside me.
My brother was actually fucking me.
He was actually inside me and I liked it. Racel1112 fullsex girl animal.
I was his now.
By the fourth attempt, Gary was deep inside me.
He was all the way inside me now.
I could feel his balls pressing against my bum.
Yes, he was buried inside me all the way!