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I know how guys are, and when they see a beautiful girl, they only have one thing in mind!” “And what’s that?” I provoked him.
“Fucking your sweet virgin cunt!” “Is that what you think about when you look at me?” “Shut up!” “It must eat you up inside knowing you can never have me…” “Shut the fuck up, Layla!” The furniture in the room began to vibrate. Hotstefany cam virtuel solo.
I was afraid he was going to lose it like he had a few nights ago.
“Stop breaking things!” I demanded.
“You’re fucking pissing me off!” I knew I had to be the one to calm down and help him through his rage, otherwise there was going to be more damage done to our property. Male strip clubs in philadelphia.
“Kai”—I stepped forward—“please, calm down.
I’m sorry.
You’re right.
I should not have let them in.
It’s my fault.
” I took the blame in hopes of soothing his temper so that he wouldn’t lose control and destroy everything in sight.

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“I get upset because I love you! Because I care! I’m sorry I can’t trust anyone else, but you know why, Layla! You know!” Slowly, I gravitated toward him.
“I’m sorry.
Please forgive me.
Don’t be mad.
” I hugged his neck and felt like I could breathe again when he enveloped his arms around me. Talor paige lbs.
The furniture stopped vibrating and all tranquility was quickly restored.
I trembled when he slid his icy hand up the back of my shirt, until he found the dimpled area near my lower spine.
I didn’t like upsetting him, but he was unpredictable that way. 100 free sexy chat no registion.
Anything could have set him off.
“I’m sorry.
I didn’t mean to lose it,” Kai said.

“I’m just very protective of you.
I can’t help it.
” I withdrew and affectionately caressed his handsome face.
The scar on his eyebrow hadn’t disfigured him. Bbw fisting free porn.
If anything it made him more attractive.
“I know you love me and want to keep me safe,” I said.
“I’ve already lost too many people, Layla.
I don’t know what I’d do if I lost you.
” I was overwhelmed yet again with an immeasurable amount of love for him. John magnum gay porn star.
He was a completely different person around me compared to everyone else.
Every time we went out he was constantly on edge, like he was incapable of letting his guard down and being himself.