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Beth figured it was better off in her mouth than in her pussy.
Allan heard this and bit his lip.
Beth appeared to be enjoying herself without him.
How could she do such a thing? Bollocks! He wondered why he ever got into the fantasy with another man. Turboshare fat plumpers chubby bbw.
It was that idiot at work’s fault.
He’d brain the little shit when he got back to Britain.
Allan had to make a move.
And he had to do it now.
He watched on.
Juan had no intention of withdrawing from Beth and as his pending climax approached, Beth realised this was an express train, not stopping at any stations until it reached its terminal.

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Juan was going to fill Beth’s pussy.
“Let me taste you” she urged, almost crying now.
“I need your cum in my mouth, please”.
Juan released her tits and grabbed her hips, thrusting as deep into her as he could he sucked in air to his aching lungs twice before holding his breath, his climax reached. Free sex with girls in topeka.
“I’m coming” he said, his fingers digging into her hips making Beth unable to move.
She felt the unmistakable sensation of Juan’s monster cock ejaculating inside her; it seemed endless as he filled her pussy with his love juice, his sperm gushing into her body relentlessly.

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His climax began to subside and he began to draw air in again, remaining deep inside Beth until every possible drop of semen had been deposited inside her.
As he withdrew, he masturbated himself so any drops of semen in his tubes were also left inside her. Bondages woman lick dick outdoor.
Juan’s cock left her pussy lips with a ‘plop’ and Beth collapsed face down on the bed, weary, shocked and confused.

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