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” He gently pushed me down to his cock which was very hard.
I opened my mouth and took the tip in sucking lightly at first and swirling my tongue around.
“Don’t tease me my pet I’m not in the mood and you don’t get to cum until I do,” he said warning me. Best girl penetration sex photo galery.
The thought of getting all worked up with no reward at the end made me stop my teasing game.
I took all of him into my mouth and started sucking fast just the way he likes it.

His cock was at the back of my throat and I was moving up and down with my hand and mouth. Ripped female muscle.
I heard him moan and I felt his cock get harder, I knew he was going to cum very soon.
As I went up and down on his cock I wondered if he was going to cum in my mouth or on my face, if I was a good girl he would cum down my throat. -krisstine- go private without login for sexy woman chat.

I knew I had been bad enough to get punished but I did take my punishment like a good girl.
Just then I felt his body shake and his hot cum slide down my throat.
I swallowed as fast as I could, not wanting any to go to waste. Fat matures with a tattoo.
I tiny bit slipped out and onto my bottom lip, my Master pulled his cock out of my mouth and scooped the cum off with his finger.