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Her hips start bucking and I hear her breathing “i cumming!” After a few moments, she slowly starts to relax and I slowdown my licking and fingers.
When the moaning stops I pull out my finger, and lift myself up. Llong gay tubes.
On the way up toward her mouth I let my tongue make one last sweep across her pussy.
“God, she tastes good” I think to myself.
Our lips meet and I’m greeted with a deep kiss.
Our saliva mixes with her juice. Dating singles adult personals.
While kissing I start to grind into her again.
She starts puling at my underwear, stops the kiss and in between shallow breaths she says, “take.
” I do, and for the first time in years, we are completely naked again. Free sex chats without registrations or log in.
It’s obvious she’s done with foreplay, and takes my dick in her hand and puts it in front of her opening.

I feel a warmth emanating from her.
The tip glides in with ease, and she puts her hands on my bottom and pulls me close. Freeadultdatin for fun site.
I slowly enter her.
While we’re getting closer, we stare intently into each other’s eyes.
Then the tip reaches as far as it will go.
We both groan enthusiastically at this.
In this lovely missionary position we begin our sensual dance. Best webcam chat site.
We kiss, touch, fondle, scratch and claw.
Her breathing gets heavier and while digging her nails into my back she moans, ”oh god,” again.
I slow my pace after she’s done cumming and the continue at a steady rhythm. Black black hd.
“God, this feels good!” I exclaim.
“Yes it does, please don’t stop.
” When she cums again, I feel I’m not far off.
“This may be a bit late but are you safe?” “Yes, just go for it!” she moans.

I quicken my pace. Lisa lavie and alphacat dating.
I hold on until I feel her cumming again and this time I go with her.
While in the deep throws of orgasm we hold each other tight.
Both our orgasms are intense and last.
Al manner of fluid is released and spilled. Women looking for couples.
When our breathing returns to normal, we release each other from our embrace and kiss.
Softly, slowly we let our lips touch.
“I forgot how good we were together.
” “I don’t remember the last time a came that many times in a row. How to spot a scammer dating.
” I start to get up, but she protests, and pulls me closer, “stay inside me for a while.
” My dick is getting soft, while still in her pussy, it feels great.
We continue to kiss.
After a short time our orgasm high is wearing off. No credet card local sex.
We look at each other and smile, both of us completely happy in this moment.

I break the silence and ask, “Want to take a bath?” “I’d love to.
” I get up and feel my dick coming out of her.
One last little moan from both of us. Free sexlines.
“Stay here, I get the bath going.
” I find the right temperature and add some bath salts.
When the bath is full enough, I go to the bedroom and lead Nancy to the bath.
I get in first and she lies on top of me. Young gay boy muscle hole dad.
When the water level is at its maximum, we shut off the water.
With my arms around her we close our eyes and soak.
While honeymooning in the Virgin Islands, Jennifer and I decided to rent a small one sail ‘day sailer’ for the day. Mature webcam.
My only sailing experience was on north Georgia lakes and knew that this was a boat that I could handle.
As I went out to rent the boat for the day, Jennifer had the hotel kitchen make us some sandwiches for a picnic basket and packed a small ice chest with ice, beer and a bottle of champagne. Catholic and atheist dating.