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After a moment Kelly said, “Timmy I think there still may be some things that happened while I worked for JTandR that shouldn’t be discussed.
” “Did you do things you’re ashamed about?” “No, but I’m afraid you might be ashamed of me.
” “But you’re not ashamed about anything you did?” “No it was just sex. Singles events speed dating melbourne.
Sometimes it got a little kinky, that’s all.
” “Did anyone ever make you do something you didn’t want to do?” “No, everyone was always very considerate of my feelings, but sometimes I did things that might shock some people.
” “You mean like your sisters and your mother?” Kelly laughed.
“Yes like my sisters and my mother.
” “Did you enjoy being kinky?” “Yes, very much. Fabulous the porn star.
It made me feel wicked.
” “Then I suspect you’re going to want to do some of those things again.
Are you going to lie to me when that happens?” Kelly whispered, “No.
” “Don’t you think it’s better to just get it all out in the open?” “Do you promise not to hate me?” I laughed.
“Yes Kelly, I promise.
” I paused for a moment and then I said, “Kelly I’m pretty open minded about sex. Mature adult friend finders.
You’re my wife and I’m urging you to brazenly date other men.

I’m asking you, no begging you to cuckold me.
Over the past year I’ve allowed you to gradually turn me into your personal slave.
That’s pretty kinky. Sexy free cams pooping.
I think it might shock a whole lot of people.
” Kelly took a quick glance at me.
“Do you really see yourself as my personal slave? I mean full time, for real.
” “Yes, I think I do.
” My entire body was tingling with excitement.
“Timmy, that makes me so hot. Mmf bi sexual and gay porno videos.
My pussy is dripping wet.
” “And my penis is rock hard.
Think about this.
If I really am your slave, then I actually don’t have the right to judge your behavior.
You’re my superior.
You’re free to do anything you want. Mic stand boob.
If you like, you can even rub my face in it after you’ve done it.
” Kelly giggled.
“Timmy you really are just as kinky as I am.
” “That’s true.
I am just as kinky as you are, so there really isn’t any reason that you shouldn’t tell me about all the wicked things you did while you worked for JTandR.
” “Okay, I’ll start with the Superbowl weekend.
” Kelly took a moment to think and then she quietly said, “The Wednesday morning before the Superbowl I was in Martin Jackson’s office giving him a blow job.
” She glanced over at me.
“It’s okay for me to tell you things like that, isn’t it?” I smiled.
“Yes, in fact I want you to tell me things like that.
” Nodding, Kelly said, “After I made him cum I stood up and started getting dressed.
” Martin always liked me to be naked while I was sucking his cock.

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