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I will be honest and clear in speaking to Sir.
I promise to conduct myself with the utmost respect for Sir.
I will address Him as ‘Sir’ unless it would be indiscreet to do so; in which case, I will use the His name. Teen virgin getting fucked.
I will act in a manner that will make him proud to have me at his side.
I will do nothing to bring unwanted attention to myself from others or embarrass him.

I only seek his attention and praise.
I understand that, above all else, it is my duty to please Sir and I promise I will endeavour to do so. Pussy cum milk.
I will speak respectfully and truthfully and see to my Sir’s every need.
These needs may be social, sexual, or those that fall under service.
I will verbally thank Sir for all rewards and punishments.
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I am to know my duties and responsibilities.

I am to execute them without reminder.
Sir is not my babysitter.
I understand Sir’s reliance on safe words.
He obligates me to use them, and I Promise to do so. Danae by rembrandt.
I will use “Yellow” as a warning word to request that Sir slow down, ease up, or change direction while continuing the session.

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