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“Thanks,” I said as I got to the car.
“Not a good place to run out of gas,” he said, looking at me then up at the front door where Sasha was standing in the doorway, the wind lifting her dress then added, “Maybe it is a good place,” he chuckled. Nice hot nude girls.
I threw the suitcase in the backseat while he poured the gas in my tank.
“I’m lost and need to find Route Seventy.
I’m trying to get to Frenchtown.

” “Just follow me.
That’s where my station is and then you’re on your way. Sexdating sites chatpictures only.
” “Great,” I said, handing him my card.
I waved for Sasha to come while he filled out the paper work.
He looked at me and then at Sasha but didn’t say anything as he handed me my card.
“Follow me, buddy.
It’s about twenty miles to Frenchtown once you get on the highway. Looking for woman for whatever you want.

” Sasha got in the car and I got behind the wheel.
I looked over at her noticing how high her skirt was on her thighs, the cowboy boots, her tits straining the tight shirt then turned the ignition and heard the car sputter, then start. Femdom free preview.
The tow truck took off and I followed.
Just as we pulled away, we saw a large black SUV heading in our direction.