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Then they departed with a nod of thanks.
How are you feeling, Cuck? Do you like what I’ve told you so far? Does the thought of strangers’ cum dribbling down your wife’s thighs excite you? Have you cum in your underpants yet? Black dress tall blonde tuscaloosa purse shoes. Not that I care.
But I must admit that I was very taken by the way this was developing.
It was the first time I’d let anybody else touch my little fuck toy, and I have to admit, Cuck, that I can see the attraction. Transexuel dating network.
The sight of your wife standing there with strangers’ cum dribbling down her thighs spurred me on.
There were about five minutes to go before the next attraction was due in the gangbang room.
New arrivals were sauntering about the viewing gallery. Residential electrical bar strips.
I led your wife, my fuck toy, to the entrance.
I made her get down on all fours, looking out over the main room.
Her dress was still rolled up to her waist and she was right in front of the entrance.
The first thing anyone entering the room would see was your wife on all fours; her round arse, her delicious pussy lips staring at them from between her thighs. Seka porn actress.
I stood next to her, enjoying the way people looked at her as they entered; men and women.

Some looked amused, some laughed, some whistled, some complemented her on her arse and pussy, one or two even gave her arse a quick slap. Lacrimosag chat room 4 vockold.
There she was, your wife, my fuck toy, a mere object for anyone to gawp at.
It was delicious.
Then a couple came through the door; he a normal enough looking bloke in casual dress, she a big-titted blonde in a skimpy outfit that left nothing to the imagination. Euro nudist sites.
They both looked and smiled, she nudging him in the side.
They conferred in whispers, and then she undid him enough to extract his cock.
He got down behind your wife, and without a moment’s hesitation drove his hard cock into her pussy. Maturechatfree.
What can I say, Cuck? It’s that kind of place.
Consent is assumed at all times unless someone expressly protests.
Your wife didn’t protest.
She stood there, letting the stranger thrust his cock into her.
She told me later that it excited her. Amateur asian moms interracial pic.

Does it excite you, Cuck? The thought of your wife there on all fours, being fucked by a complete stranger’s cock as renewed gangbang action commenced down below.
A couple had booked the room.
I didn’t recognize them. Apache boob index port swf.
Four men had gathered round them.
The husband slowly undressed his wife for them.
She looked a little shy, but not particularly reluctant.
But I was more interested in my fuck toy, your wife.
People were still entering, grinning as they saw your wife being shafted. No strings sex in ban veun.
Some put their thumbs up, someone even cried out, “Fuck that hoe!” A little crowd gathered.

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