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I did not allow my husband to fuck me during this time.
However, I did promise him that, when I returned, Alfredo’s sperm would be swimming in my diaphragm-protected vagina, and after he’d cleaned me up properly with his tongue, I might allow him to fuck me. Deep tbroat.
It was early Sunday morning, the day of my departure.
As had become our practice, Oscar bathed me, shaved my parts, polished my nails, and prepared me for my date.

Only this time, I would be gone for a full week. Big dick info jeremy picture remember ron.
He was preparing me for a week-long date with my lover.
Oscar had grown used to sending me off for an afternoon or evening with my lover.
But each day I would return with my pussy sore and swollen, brimming with another man’s semen. Boysandgirls2 canada girlschat porn for bf.
And Oscar would clean me up as I told him precisely what my lover had done to me.

But this would be quite different.
I was going to belong to Alfredo all week.
How would Oscar handle the extended period where Alfredo would own me? Guyana dating man woman sites. He would not get to see the puffy lips of my labia each night as Alfredo’s semen oozed from my vagina.

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