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Oh those beautiful legs in white nylon.
That was one of the things that first attracted me to your wife, those lovely legs stretching to heaven.
Well, to her supremely gropeable arse at least.
High heels coloured the deepest shade of sin. Local fuck beni bou mediena.
The white dress clung to her very neatly indeed.
One false move and she would have showed off her stocking tops, but she didn’t put a foot wrong.
Enough cleavage to titillate without appearing slutty.
A model of modesty, your wife. Carolinebelka sex chat peopel.
And then those ruby red lips, which always send my dirty mind into a fever.
I’m no expert on make-up, but whatever your wife had done to her skin and her eyes was scintillating.
Your wife always has a nice, shy demeanour about her, but now she had an edge of dark sinfulness radiating from her eyes. Sluts virgin.
Dark sinfulness dressed in virginal white.
I had to check, Cuck.
You know I had to check.
Yes, hold-ups, as required; no panties.
I was pleased with that.
I have nothing against panties, as long as they’re crotchless. Livingtv co uk dating.
You know how I feel about these things.
Panties only get in the way.
I refuse to let any fuck toy of mine restrict access to her pleasure holes.

I told your wife this when I complemented her.
I’m pleased to be able to report that she seemed rather amused by this, even though she also went rather red. Parkistan 2016 dating site com.
I found that extremely attractive.
I’m sure your wife expected me to get to work on her straight away.
That’s the feeling I got at any rate.
Not that I care what she expects, or even wants.
She’s my fuck toy, so she’s mine to use any way I please. Liveporn cams.
I only mention this because I want you to know that she seemed a little disappointed when I did no more than make sure that she was correctly attired under her dress.
Indeed, she seemed slightly surprised when I told her I’d be taking her out to dinner. Male loud orgasm.
Do you really want me to bore you with all the trivial details surrounding dinner? No, I didn’t think so.
It was a very nice dinner, though your wife ate very little, no doubt nervous about what lay ahead of her. Pic quest swinger.
Not that she knew anything about it, but from her previous experiences she had fair warning that I’m a dirty fucker, so I suppose her nerves were understandable.

Me, I was expectant.
Besides, I positively revelled in seeing the number of glances your wife attracted from other men (and some women). Bdsm swingers extreme.
Dear me, how that wife of yours turns heads when she’s dressed up.
Not that she looked slutty in any way; stylish and sexy, but nothing like the fuck toy she in fact is.
Perhaps it was the slightly coy, slightly expectant disposition that did it. Xxx black young face cum.

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