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Black nylon stockings and high heeled shoes to complete the costume, and nails to be kept nicely manicured and without any nail polish.
As we were a high class restaurant finding staff was not a problem, there were part time staff on call to fill in when required. Urksenia nude web chat.
Anyone who didn’t buy into me system was got rid of, I was very strict as I wanted to maintain a very high professional standard.
I assigned a code to each staff member, so in the mornings when I totaled up the receipts from the day before, I could see who was being the most productive. Hotsex webcam cabels.
I added a wine list to the back of the menu’s with a brief description of each one; this helped the staff make recommendations to our customers.
I slowly increased some prices overall as business improved, and after about 5 months introduced a kick back system of 2 percent of each bill to the server as a bonus.

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My social life was improving as well and Catherine loved it also, in the summer we went out more and more to nicer restaurants when I could find the time.
This is where I could evaluate how others did business, in order to decide what improvements I could introduce to my own facility. Dildos to feminize him with.
One Saturday the four of us decided to splurge and have dinner at a very plush hotel in the highlands, more for the upper classes really.
That evening I was to meet a lovely lady who I was to get to know better over the next few months. Lonely women in tepic.
She was an acquaintance of Marlene’s, and when she spotted her came over to say hello.
After our dinner while having a drink, this lady joined us for a few minutes to chat.

We were all introduced to one another, and it was decided we would all be go to our club in t5he city, where we could enjoy a night cap and this lady was invited by Marlene to join us. Straight transvestite outdoors sextoy anal garden fetish 10.
Back at the club she sat between Marlene and me, I took her to be in her early 50’s at first, a very handsome lady with short dark hair that framed her face nicely.
She was wearing a simple black one piece sheath dress, with a silver monogram of the letters of her name, LL for Lillian Lloyd on her left breast. Nsfw nude thread.
A triple strand of pearl necklace adorned her upper chest with matching ear rings.
She was married to a very wealthy man 25 years her senior, who had made a fortune in the Ship building industry that, was thriving in Glasgow at that time. Mitriksex nude women on cam.

She was definitely a very elegant lady, when we were introduced we shook hands saying how nice it was to meet one another.
The skin felt so soft and her nails were nicely manicured, with just a couple of rings and a wedding band decorating her fingers. Adult chatrooms eastanglia.
She’d never had to work in her life, her family was also quite wealthy and of course she married into wealth as well.
The first few years of her marriage were child bearing years and of course decoration for her husband at high class social functions. Loisemv porno chat onlain com.
Like a lot of high powered business men at the time he was often gone on business, leaving her alone with the children.
Other wealthy wives were in the same boat, (no pun intended) and they would socialize together. Black girls fucking other black girls.
Bridge clubs and whist drives were popular, as were Tea parties and church socials, speaking engagements as well as attending company functions.

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