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BAM! BAM! BAM! A great pounding fist, demanding entrance.
Felicity’s heart jolted with excitement.
Her own personal cavalry had arrived after all.
Evan stalled in the final stages of fucking Felicity’s face. Live sex chat change your username nosignup.
Cold dread coursed through his body, dragging him back from the verge of orgasm.
He pulled his cock free of his conquest’s wet mouth.
“I think you’d better put your shorts on before you answer that,” she said, her lips curving into a wicked smile.

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His erection wilted before the mockery of her newly-emptied mouth.
Who the fuck had arrived to ruin his party? BAM! BAM! BAM! “Go open the door, loser, or he’ll damn well break it down.
” There was a snarl in Felicity’s voice. Surgery to make pussy into dick.
She sounded like she knew what she was talking about.

Panic storming him now, Evan scrambled into his shorts, semi-erect cock flapping momentarily as he dragged the garment back over it.
Jesus – so she hadn’t been lying after all? Porno gerls big booty africa. He stood frozen by indecision a moment, then the pounding on his parents’ front door sounded again, even more insistent than before.

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