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It took a while, but when I came back to my senses, I looked into her eyes and gently kissed Francine’s lips as I hugged her tenderly and savored the intimacy of simply being inside her.
After a while, my cock began to grow flaccid. 100 free pussy hookups no signup no upgrades.
Then I slowly pulled out of her.
I rolled over onto my back in a daze of bewilderment.
Sure, I had had sex many times before, but nothing compared to the intensity and raw sexuality of this experience.
It was absolutely and totally awesome. Cock choke blowjob.
After only a few short minutes, Francine fell asleep.
At that point, I was not sure if Karl had come or not.
I found out later that he had indeed come in her mouth as I was pounding her hot eager pussy.
His coming in her mouth, together with my vigorous thrusting in and out of her is what sent her over the edge again and triggered her second cataclysmic orgasm.

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Now she was dozing softly in her naked splendor, completely spent but definitely satisfied.
Karl motioned for me to follow him into the next room.
When we got there, he invited me to stay the night.
I gave him my heartfelt thanks, but with deep regret, I declined his kind offer of further hospitality, as I needed to attend a meeting in Houston early the next morning. Adelaide de sex chat.
I got dressed, bid Karl a fond farewell, and drove back to the city in a state of euphoric bewilderment.
Had I been dreaming? Had that really and truly happened? The taste of Francine still on my tongue and the fragrance of her pussy still on my face confirmed that indeed it had.
“What a night”, I thought and smiled contentedly as I drove home.

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Karl, Francine, and I became really good friends after that first night and we’ve had a number of romps together since then.
I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.
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