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She began to suck, lick and blow his cock like a professional, like someone who wasn’t afraid to be vulnerable and loving, even if it was just for one night in the tropics? George looked over and saw Veronica with her head resting back on Geoff’s chest, and Geoff playing with her breasts and nipples. Dating interracial study.
It looked as though she was also playing with her own swollen pussy under the water – but that wasn’t George’s area of focus right now.
The sweet, young mouth of another man’s wife all over his cock was his only concern. Horny women independence ga.
Fran continued to lick up and down the length of his shaft while squeezing his balls, almost too hard, but not quite.

Way too quickly, he felt his dick begin to stiffen even more and knew that he was ready to cum. Hot red lips.
He looked down as if to ask, “On your face or tits?” but Fran simply shook her head and pressed her face even tighter against his body.
His cock began to twitch and shoot, and Fran eagerly swallowed every drop of his thick cum while she held onto him by hugging her arms around his ass. 23 dating 36.
Finally, George bucked a time or two and was finished.
Fran finished swallowing and stood up to kiss him one more time.

Looking over, she saw that Veronica was also climaxing again at the sight of another woman servicing her husband. Best gay erotica 2001.
Fran pulled George back into the hot tub and turned around to sit in his lap.
His hands immediately found her huge tits and began to massage them like no one ever had before.
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