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A few seconds later Alex shoved his cock into Karen’s pussy.
Karen screamed out as Alex fucked her good and hard for several minutes from behind causing Karen to cum again all over his thick cock.
He now turned her around as Karen’s ass was up against the glass shower wall. Vitesse backdating.
He fucked Karen hard again as he held tightly onto each of Karen’s tits with his hands.
He then drove his cock deep into her.
Karen again moaned out, “Fuck me! Fuck me!” She again began to cum just a short time later as she again coated his beautiful cock with her juices. Big sexy black girls.
She then cried out to him, “Oh’ god I want to suck you off! I want to taste your cum!” Karen had never let her husband ever cum inside her mouth, but this time she was so aroused she wanted nothing more than to taste her young lovers cum.

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A few minutes later Karen dropped to her knees in the shower and began to suck hard on Alex’s cock with a ton of passion.
She sucked every inch of it as Alex felt a powerful orgasm coming on.
He grunted out, “Suck it baby! Miley cyrus clit ring. Suck it hard! You are going to make me cum!” A few seconds later with Karen’s lips wrapped tightly around Alex’s cock he began to explode.
Karen felt several shots of cum shoot down her throat as she held her mouth tightly onto his cock until every last drop of cum had fallen from it. Taxation of liquidating distributions.
Karen was now done with her young lover Alex.
She got dressed and headed for home.
Her husband knew nothing of her adventure as the following week they took that well deserved vacation that her boss Jim had promised her.

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The following week after Karen had taken her vacation Jim asked her to come by his office one night after everyone had left.
She figured that Jim was going to offer her that the promotion that she had been wanting so badly. Free adult dating site.
She sat down in his office as Jim moved a computer screen in front of her.
A few seconds later Karen heard the words, “Fuck me! Fuck me harder! She looked at the screen to see her and Alex fucking.
She said, “Where did you get this?” Jim replied, “I had been planning this for a long time and you fell for it. Summerrainz8 free sexy random cam chat live.
” “That wasn’t your son?” Karen then replied.
“No Way! It was some 18 year old I found out on a website who had wanted to fuck a milf.
I don’t even know his name.
The best thing about it didn’t cost me a thing. Pregnant live cams.

He was so happy to fuck you he wanted to pay me!” Jim laughed out.
Karen sat stunned as Jim said, “I knew you were probably somewhat wild in bed, but you were much wilder that I had ever expected.
I had always wanted to fuck you and this was my plan to make it happen. Busty milf dominate men.
” Karen was now under Jim’s control as she certainly didn’t want this sex tape getting out in the wrong hands.
Jim said to her, “I want you to undo your blouse and show me those spectacular tits!” Karen stood up and began to unbutton her blouse. Live sex cam.
She then unhooked her bra as each of her big tits appeared right in front of Jim.
She then said to him, “Are you satisfied?” Jim now got up and walked back behind her.
He then said, “I want you to undo your skirt. Married creston iowa affair free.
” Karen undid her skirt as it fell down onto the floor.