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” His eyes closed again.
“Geez, Pop Tart.
Everybody five and up owns a cell phone.
” She kept the fact that for the last nine months she’d been cloistered in a convent in Florence, Italy to herself.
“I’ll just put your phone on the nightstand by your bed. Angel coulby and bradley james dating.
I imagine you’ll need it.
” “No,” he said, his frown deepening.
“Hold on to it for me.
I have another one anyway.

” He had two phones? “I don’t think I should—I mean…are you sure?” she asked, the hand clutching the phone hovering over the nightstand. Ebony ashley luvbug fucked and creampied.
His eyes had closed and he never answered.
She debated as to whether she should leave it by him anyway.
Anna Maria patted her arm.
“Put the phone away.
I’ll have one of the boys get him another one.
” Abigail nibbled her lower lip.

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“Oh, I don’t know.
He just doesn’t remember and I feel uncomf—“ “Nonsense,” Anna Maria insisted, moving Abigail’s hand toward her purse again.
“Put the phone away.
I’m too old to visit him everyday anyway and this way I can call you too to see how he’s doing. year old landrum looking to change that.
” Abigail had to remember to close her mouth.