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From what I could hear, Patrick’s dick was fully embedded in Julie’s mouth.
I just watched my dick glide in and out of her pussy with each thrust she made.
I could hear her moan around Patrick’s dick.
This went on for a few minutes before she stood up and pulled away from my cock. Live in housekeeper looking for a place in this area.
Julie turned around, dropped to her knees and took my wet cock back into her mouth, tasting her own juices.
She began bobbing up and down on my shaft.
I reached for her breasts and found her nipples, giving each of them a pinch before pulling on them. Courteney cox matthew perry dating.
Just then, Patrick grabbed her hips, lifting her up and entered her from behind.
Julie would take me deep in her mouth as Patrick fully penetrated her wanton pussy.
We kept up this rhythm for a few minutes before she dropped my dick and turned around.

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This time, I grabbed my dick, that was covered in saliva and her juices, and entered her again.
I grabbed a hold of her hips and began thrusting in and out with everything I had.
“Oh god, that feels so good!” Julie screamed, with Patrick’s dick in her mouth, the more I pounded her pussy from behind.
“Oh I’m cumming. Do women enjoy thier asshole being licked.
don’t stop! Aaahhhhh!” I felt her tense up and shudder as she came all over me.
I didn’t let up either.
I felt her cum a few more times before I slowed down and pulled out.
Patrick re-entered her from behind. Bdsm ecard valentine.
She wouldn’t take my cock into her mouth after that.
(I found out later that she doesn’t like to taste herself after she has cum).

Instead, she began furiously stroking my dick.
I looked down to watch her small hand pumping up and down my shaft. Young nude girl masturbating gif.
The sight was almost too much to bear, but I kept myself under control.
Patrick began to really lay it to Julie, causing her to moan out with every thrust he made.
Julie’s small hand was like a blur going over my very rigid shat. Sete lagoas phone sex girls.
I still managed to hold on.
“Take the shirt off your head and cum all over my face,” Julie said as Patrick pulled out and she dropped to her knees between us.
I let her continue stroking my shaft while she began playing with herself. National amateur under 18 softball championship.
I could see Patrick stroking his cock through his shadow.
I didn’t want to look up and see his dick in fear of losing my hard on, so I just kept my attention on Julie.
I couldn’t wait to see my cum splash all over her face.
“Cum on my face.

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Cover my face with that hot cum of yours,” Julie said, encouraging me to cum now.
Her words pretty much did the the trick.
“Oh god! Here it comes!” I yelled as I felt my cum racing through my shaft and erupt all over her pretty face.
“I don’t think I’ve ever cum that hard!” I began, “that felt amazing, thank you!” I said as Julie turned around to catch Patrick’s cum.
“Mix your cum with David’s! Kinky sex from shawnee oklahoma. I wanna feel the mixture of your cum with his,” Julie begged Patrick.
Patrick was stroking his dick.
I think seeing another guy’s cum on her face sent him over the edge.
He unleashed a few ropes of cum on her face, mixing it with my own cum. Shilouh chat with adults.
He took off his undershirt as I tossed him his good shirt.
He handed the undershirt to Julie so she could wipe the cum off her face.
We began walking back to my house.
“That was awesome.

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