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By the time Heather directed Dylan to pull into a car park at the water’s edge he and Heather had exchanged life stories.
Though they came from very different backgrounds they had much in common.
The journey had flown by in one breathless conversation.
“Down here.
” Heather held a pair of tickets in one hand and took hold of Dylan’s hand with the other as they descended down steps hewn from the cliffs. Husbands cock in my sister.
The deeper they went, the cooler the air got.
Dylan shivered involuntarily.
“Just where are you taking me?” “You’ll see soon enough.
” They turned a corner and emerged into a cavern.
As Dylan’s eyes adjusted to the dim light he realised that at the far side of the cavern was an underground river. Pants pissing story.
A man beckoned to them over and pointed to a shallow boat.
“I think he wants us to sail away with him.
” “Then it would be mighty rude not to Dylan.

Hop in!” Dylan climbed in.
The rocking of the boat unsettled him, but his qualms were eased when Heather sat down beside him.
“Welcome to the Caves of Diros. Amatuer masturbation uk.
Please put on your life jackets.
” Life jackets donned, the boatman propelled the small craft through a small tunnel at the far corner of the cavern.
“You are now in a vast underground river system that stretches as far as Sparta.
” Dylan took hold of Heather’s hand.
“Today we will explore 5,000 metres of tunnels. Sneek sexy older women.
You will see stalgmites and stalactites.
” Heather kissed Dylan on the cheek.
Dylan turned, cupped a hand to Heather’s cheek and kissed her lips.
The boat emerged into a small cavern.
Around them were beautiful rock formations illuminated by coloured lights.

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Dylan and Heather barely registered the surroundings as they embraced and kissed.
The boatman prepared to deliver the next part of his commentary but as he turned to speak he realised that his words would fall on deaf ears. Hairy asian handjob cock load cumm on face.
The rest of the trip was spent in silence punctuated by the occasional burst of giggles.
The drive back to Ag Nik was broken by lunch at a beachside cafe en route.
Dylan picked up a fried shrimp and as he broke it apart to get to the sweet flesh he half whispered, “Do you really have to get back so soon?” “Yeah.
‘Fraid so. Hold her boob.