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I watched the news on my second laptop as they covered the game but my attention wasn’t on the game, it was on Erin.
She was rather short, big soft breasts, thin frame with a nice ass.
Her dark brownish red hair flopped about as her and the other cheerleaders did their routines. Chase taylor.
As the game ended the players went to the locker room and the cheerleaders waited around the corner for the coach to leave.
Rumor always had it that orgies went on after games between the players and cheerleaders. Free text sex chat without email aus.
Among the many rumors surrounding this event was Erin.
She was the subject of a particular interesting rumor, her pussy was always tight regardless of the cock.
Despite the rumors about her sluttyness, she was a goddess waiting to be conquered and I was going to do it.

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The coach finally left the players to their shower and the girls sneaked in.
Finally the real show would start.
The rest of the room was interesting to watch but she was the object of my desire.
I trained the camera on Erin as she sat down along with the other girls. Looking for friends chill buddys.
Although I wanted to hit record for the wonderful spectacle that was beginning to unfold in front of me, I hesitated and waited for her moment alone later.
Almost in unison they all spread their legs and started rubbing their slits. Cute girl looking for a nice man.
I watched as Erin rubbed hers, even the outside of her pussy looked tight and compact.
She threw her head back as she rubbed and waited to get fucked.
Then came the boys, several of them going to each girl. Teens porn oral job anal.

Three paired off and surrounded Erin, two sitting to either side of her, the one standing up in front of her face.
He dropped his towel and she took his hard cock in her mouth sucking hard and long.
The other two placed her hands on their cocks while they rubbed her pussy and fondled her tits vigorously. Big cock sexy guy blow job.
She stroked them and moaned over the boys’ cocks.
Her small hands tried to tightly grip them as she rubbed them.
The boy she was sucking held her head down on his cock as he came in her mouth, which she immediately swallowed. Blonde hair bear handsome guy likes asian girls.
The boy then pulled back while the other two stood up and said something to which Erin reached down and pulled a pack of birth control from her purse.