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” I moved to her other breast so it wouldn’t feel slighted and lovingly took it deep into my mouth.
I rapidly flicked my tongue over her erect nipple as we lay there on the bear rug under the blankets. Mom handjob boy.
Her luscious breasts were everything I had imagined they would be and more! Goddd, how I loved those lovely breasts.
Still do.
“Oh, yeah.
Touch me now, Alicia.
touch me like a bad boy while you do that.
” In answer to her request, I reached down and put my hand on her lower abdomen, knowing what she wanted and what I was eager to do.

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I slid my hand down through her patch of pubic hair and found the delightful little slit she had been playing with earlier.
Continuing to suck her breast, my fingers made friends with the little pink button just at the top of her butterfly lips.

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I slid my finger into her love hole, she was sopping wet like I knew she would be.
This was the first pussy I’ve ever played with, besides my own, and this was my best friend Shelly’s lovely pussy.
I was intoxicated with passion as I did to her pussy what I do to my own aching pussy. Amm dating.