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My mom and dad began smoking and drinking in front of us, something they had warned us so much about we now had to see.
It was such a small thing but traumatizing to see my heroes falling.
They separated, eventually divorcing, and moved us all hours away from our home where I was bullied, beaten, and called faggot on a daily basis. Fit white guy seeking black female.
I looked up to grab a tissue to clear my nose and saw that the therapist was also crying, lightly dabbing away her tears with her own tissue.
“Every one of my pets ended up getting run over, one by one, because of the heavier traffic.

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No one ever stopped, neighbors would scoop them up in their arms and bring them to us, comforting us and crying with us that some monster could just kill an animal and not have the guts to own up to it. Mature nude natural women.
I grew up in a cult, something I only realized later in life.
Everything was tightly controlled from what we wore to how we were ‘supposed’ to think.
Sex education was off the table for everyone because sex was a sin, and something only to be done with heterosexual married couples. Different name for vagina.
The paster was well-intentioned, but indoctrinated in the same lies he spouted from the pulpit every week.

I thought this was how every church was, people twisting around the floor in ‘religious ecstasy’ while they spouted off gibberish. Hugelongcock chat gay.
People would lay their hands all over you while shouting commands or praying for the sins that you hadn’t even committed.
I was bisexual and all the things I was told in church twisted me inside.
I liked girls and would openly pursue them, but boys I would just look at longingly unable to do anything about it because that would send me to hell… Oh god, I’ve done so much though… Whenever I did some up some little courage I would be called a fag. Bott cam sex.