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I guess I should, but I don’t.
Do you think that’s bad of me?” “I don’t know.
I guess it is, a little bad that is.
But I don’t either.
I mean I don’t feel any guilt either.
You should’ve been mine, but he got in first call, so it is what it is I suppose. Dating after tbi.
Still, sometimes I do feel a bit apprehensive.
You know, worried that he might discover us and maybe mess up our lifelong friendship, his and mine, not to mention what you and I have going,” he said.

“Yes, well, I guess you can say the same for me when you get right down to it. 2way sex cams mobile.
Yes, apprehension is the word.
And yes, I should’ve been yours and you mine.
But, he is one heckuva a husband and a really good guy, so we’ll just keep on sharing and not messin’ with the program.
Him finding out would not be good for any of us.

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So from now on, Mister, park down the damn street! Okay?” “Okay, okay.
Sheesh,” he said.
He was a good man, her man, but boring! A man’s hopes and dreams are virtually always, once he reaches adulthood, bound inextricably to the woman of his dreams; assuming of course he has been lucky enough to find such a woman. Cumfest with latins.