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” “Fair? Who said anything about fair?” I chuckle to myself, while I get ready for my next experiment.
“I’m not done yet baby, hang in there,” I let out another giggle, as I straddle across him again to I can reach the night table. Futurama porn leela naked.
I put the bowl on the table and reach for a bottle of cooling gel.
I wonder how he’s going to react to this.
I had tried it out on myself a few nights ago.
The sensation it causes is incredible.
I had to make myself cum twice before I finally felt satisfied. Gay erotic ecards.
I wonder if it will have the same effect on a man.
Only one way to find out.
I squirt a little into my hand and reach for his cock.
I don’t think he realises what’s about to happen.
It takes a bit before the sensation starts. Dovakinsha free adult couple cams.
While I’m waiting, I make sure to keep his cock happy.
“What is that? What did you put on me?” Brad sounds a bit panicked.
“It’s ok, it’s just some cooling gel.
Just relax and enjoy it.
The best is yet to come. Mature yellow blowjob dick load cumm on face.
” I’m not lying either.
I sit back on my heels, giving the gel a bit of time to take effect.
When my husband starts to moan, I know he’s feeling the full effects of the gel.

That’s when I lean over and start to blow on his cock. Butterrfly21 www sexgirllive vido hot.
I can only imagine what that feels like.
Bradley starts to strain on his restraints.
I did a good job on those knots this time, giving myself a mental pat on the back.
I continue my sweet torture until I decide I’m tired of him having all the fun. Terminologies bisexual top bottom versatile.
“My turn for a little fun,” I tell my husband.
I climb of the bed and slide by panties off.
I dangle them so they skim across Bradley’s face.
I know he can tell what they are.
I’m already wet and my smell is heavy on the material. Before carbon dating.
“Mmmm, come here, Kelly, I want you to sit on my face.
” Just what I had in mind.
I climb back on the bed and this time I straddle his chest.
Now this is naughty.
“Move closer Kelly.
” I move my way up until my wet pussy is right in front of his face. Miss teen nepal 2018.
“ I’m ready whenever you are.
” I brace myself above his head and get ready for the assault.

His tongue darts out, tasting my wet pussy.
He targets my clit and starts to flick his tongue back and forth across it. Cheating wife cum swallow.
“Oh, Brad! I love that tongue of yours.
Almost as much as I love your cock.
” Even with Brad’s hands restrained, he can still work his magic.
His tongue continues to flick back and forth, he shoves his tongue inside me. Youjizz four cock cumshot.
“You taste so good Kelly, I could eat you all night long,” Brad replies.
It took me a while to get used to him doing this to me, but once I learned how much he loved doing it and honestly, how much I enjoyed having it done, Bradley would eat me out every chance he got. Classic shemale stars.