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Whatever do you see in him?” Looking around to make sure that no one would overhear, Marti pushed a fist out over the table near Vera’s face.
“What I see is an eight-inch cock that’s bigger than my fist,” Marti said in a forceful whisper. Tamil homly girls going to nude photos.
“Are you serious?” Vera asked.
“Am I serious that it’s a thick eight-inch cock or am I serious about seeing a guy for such a shallow reason?” “Well,” the woman replied, “I guess both.
” Leaning across the table, Marti whispered, “I know its shallow and I know Andy has no ambition, but the man makes me cum like a freight train bursting out of a tunnel.

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” Just then the waiter stepped up to the table.
“Good to see you again, ladies.
Would you like the usual?” “Sure Michael.
That will be great,” Vera told the waiter.
Turning back to Marti she said, “Maybe I should be jealous. Deborah presley christian brando dating.
Is he that good?” “Oh my god, Vera.
He’s beyond good.
The man does everything.
He’s never in a hurry and always leaves me exhausted.
” “Oh,” Vera said, leaving her mouth open in surprise.
“Everything?” “Everything,” Marti said slowly. Kendra dewilde amateur.
“He goes down on you and gets you off?” “Like a rocket,” Marti answered nodding her head.

“The head on that big cock rubs my g-spot when he fucks me, Vera.
I can’t even count the number of times he gets me off. Who wants sex tonight fort walton beach.
” Looking around again, she whispered, “My panties are wet right now just telling you about it.
” Just then their drinks arrived.
“I’ll be back in a minute to get your food order,” the waiter said.
When the waiter left, Marti leaned in again. Ebony voyeur site.
“Two days ago he came to my apartment while I was talking on the phone with my mother.