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The result, which I expect, will be that he gets a raging hard on and will use it on you.
” “Sounds like you’ve put a lot of thought in this, Mistress,” I smiled.
“Enough, I believe.
Oh, and by the way, David will be handling you throughout the shoot while I take the still shots. Establishing a liquidating trust.
” “Everything is set up and ready, Mistress,” David said as he entered the room from down in the basement.
David, get ready for the shoot.
Jenny, are you ready?” David stood in the kitchen and took off his shirt and pants before pulling on a pair of leather chaps leaving his soft but rather large cock exposed, looking the part of a Master. Asian celebrities video.
“I’m ready for anything you desire, Mistress.
” David took up my leash and followed as Laura lead the way to the basement.

The place was very brightly lighted and I could see a few changes like a place to attach my hands and feet. Hot skater guys in bondage.
David lead me to the place he’d prepared and lifted my arms high above me head, hooking one wrist and then the other to the hooks he’d placed into the overhead beams.
When he stretched my legs outward and hooked them in place I could barely touch the floor. Teen blowjob cumshot fuck.
Then he placed the ball gag into my mouth and fastened it behind my head.
That was when I noticed Laura taking pictures as fast as she could.
For just a second I felt my little dick trying to get hard but the confines of the cage painfully bit into me and forced my tender little dick to subside. Our first threesome with alex.
“Did you try to get hard, sissy?” David snorted.

“You’ll learn better.
Now me, on the other, I’m not in any cage so I can get hard.
See?” Looking down I saw that he was indeed very hard.
I knew, no prayed, that he would use it on me. Deepthroat mommies videos.
Being bound like I was and getting my picture taken was making me horny, not horny like I felt with Bobby, but strictly in a carnal way.
My asshole was yearning to have a hard dick pumping in and out.
David laughed and roughly pinched each of my nipples, twisting them harshly. Chelsea ny gay night life.
“Does that hurt, sissy? Do you like a real man playing with your girly nipples? Or would you rather have these?” He produced my nipple clips ans placed them on each nipple while Laura took pictures of my contorted face. Cheating bf.