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Looking down at the floor.
I’m getting wet… I can hear him moving, I mustn’t feet, not until I am signaled to do so.
He doesn’t speak either, he usually uses body language, or signals to communicate with me. Marathi indian hot xxx.
He speaks now and then, particularly if I’m really good – or really bad…I can’t look at him either, not his eyes.
I’m not worthy.
I will look at him if he asks me to, but not unless that happens.
I watch his feet approach me, and stop infront of me briefly, his eyes burning into me. Movies with school girl sceens.
He then picked up my bowls and washes them, before returning to put the blanket in the washing machine.

My nipples harden, and goose-pimples cover my body from the…cold? Anticipation? But I do not moan, I do not shiver, I do not dare look up…and then…he is gone. Sabinahoney free room porn.
He’s in the bathroom, and I can hear the shower running, but I don’t relax.
Sometimes in the past, he used to leave the shower room with it running to silently check if I had relaxed my position at all. Seduce plumber.
The shower shuts off, and I see his bare feet approaching with beads of water on them, and I see a towel around his waist.
So beautiful a sight, so exquisite.

I’m so lucky, so desperately lucky to have this beautiful man own me, I get to please this fine specimen. 4rtovkalina animalsex chat room.
My Master.
I watch his feet approach me again, and stop, very-very close to me, so that when I look directly down I see his toes.
Electric spikes through me as his hand touches my head, and strokes the length of my hair, before going behind me and untying the chain keeping me by my collar to the radiator. Shaved fuck sluts.