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“Wanna come with us?” said the tall one, who’d been nibblin’ me ear. Hot guy pussy kissing gif.
Well, you don’t need askin’ twice in a situation like that do you? Is a bear a Catholic? Does the Pope shit in the woods? When I’d finished cummin’ she ran ‘er fingers under me bell end, scooped off the last of me cum, and licked it off ‘er fingers. Women who fuck for money hattiesburg mississippi.
I was amazed, she was a total stranger, yet ‘ere she was, stickin’ me cum in ‘er gob.
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Then she grinned and swallowed it.
“Mmm, not bad tasting,” she said, “have you been eating pineapple?” “Why’d you ask?” I said.
“Your cum tastes sweet, and pineapple usually makes cum taste sweet.

That’s why I asked.
” “Well, I might’ve ‘ad some pineapple in me dessert at the Chinese, but that couldn’t ‘ave made it sweet already, could it?” “Dunno,” she said, “but it’s sweet, and so are you for being so understanding, and letting us play.
” “Yeah, okay,” I said, “but what you two doin’ in the Gents anyway, don’t the Ladies bogs work?” “Course they do, but we’re on the pull for a fit bloke, so when we saw you, and your big dick we thought we’d ask if you want to join us for a party?” “Oh really? Bachelorette party double penetration. Where’s the party’?” I asked.
“We thought we’d like to just have a nice cosy threesome,” she said, then she wiggled me cock and said, “so if you and your floppy friend want to come with us, we’re going home.
” “Right, an’ where’s that then?” I asked.
“Not far, I only live just up in Camden,” said the tall one, “I’ve got a couple of bottles of wine in the fridge, and half a bottle of Bacardi.

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So what do you say, yes or no?” “Well, if it’s near the Tube station then I don’t suppose it’ll wear me shoe leather out too much,” I said, and gave her a great big smile.
The thought of two fit and willin’ birds, AND the ‘alf bottle of Bacardi was the clincher. Seyx aksi mak dateng.

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