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When she was sure Anna was ready, Nicole gently eased the plug inside her exposed arse, allowing the small bulb to rest on the floor beneath her.
Anna had never experienced a plug before, and the feeling was delicious. Lpga oops voyeur.
It certainly was not the pain that she had imagined, in fact, it was really quite nice.
Not as large as a strap-on, it just teased the sensitive nerve endings inside her anus, sending currents of sensation streaming into her pussy. Rivesaltes girls looking to fuck.
Next, Nicole positioned herself, crouching between Anna’s legs, gently pulling each of Anna’s legs over her shoulders.
She placed the strap-on at the entrance of Anna’s now hairless and very wet pussy.
Never taking her eyes off the delicious blonde, she slowly slipped her rubber cock inside a little bit at a time, always watching Anna’s reaction as the big organ made its way inside her moist, twitching pussy.

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Finally, Nicole had it buried deep inside, and she began to slowly twist and turn it, making every nerve ending that had been teased and tickled for the last half an hour scream with desire.
Anna thrashed and moaned under her, panting and whimpering. Lonely women in albuquerque.
Her nude white body covered in a sheen of sweat.
Her arse flexing, teasing the plug, her hips driving and twisting against Nicole’s cock buried deep inside her.
Bending over her, Nicole allowed her scarlet red nipples to brush against Anna’s as she stared deeply into her lover’s gorgeous brown eyes.
“Do you like it when I fuck you Anna?” she asked mischievously.
“Do you like me inside you?” When Anna didn’t respond Nicole pulled the strap-on out, causing Anna to scream in frustration.
“Oh put it back in, please!” she howled.
“Tell me Anna, tell me what you want.
” “I need you to fuck me, now!” And with that Nicole plunged the big hard rubber penis inside her lover’s pussy and began an intense, powerful thrusting, never once taking her eyes off of Anna.
“Ohhh fuccckkk yesss,” Anna shrieked as she grabbed Nicole’s arse and drove herself hard against her lover’s relentless pounding.
” Within seconds, waves of intense orgasms racked her body.

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Closing her eyes, she could see stars exploding behind her eyelids, as every nerve ending in her body screamed.
They were like animals screaming and moaning, as Nicole slapped Anna’s arse really hard and she screamed, “Harder!” Any shred of subtlety was gone as Nicole drove to satisfy the wild sexual hunger she had unleashed.

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As a second wave of orgasm washed over her, Anna felt Nicole reach for the bulb, and now she knew.
Squeezing it hard, Nicole injected a stream of warm creamy liquid deep inside her arse as if she had cum inside her. Free porn browse irish adult dating sites.
The feeling was unexpected and incredible, heightening, if possible, the orgasms that were sending shudders throughout her body.
Nicole thrust her cock into her a few more times, and then settled on top of her, still, silent. Head natalie pic portman shaved.
For a minute or so, Anna just lay there, eyes closed, silently listening to the surf, smelling the scent of their bodies, and enjoying an occasional diminishing spasm emanating from between her legs.