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I could hear the slap of his balls on her ass as he fucked her.
I could hear her moan as they fucked.
My hand crept to the front of my pants as I watched.
She started to cum.
She was pulling him into her with her heels on his ass. Babe body cumshot compilation.
She was thrusting her hips upward to meet his strokes.
She was talking.
“Fuck me.
Fuck me.
Slam your big prick into me.
Fill me with cum, you fucker.
” Then she wasn’t talking any more, just grunting, “Ugh, ugh, ugh, UGGGGH. Irani woman girl high res bum sexy.
” I was rubbing myself in time with his strokes.
He started to cum.
He stopped moving in and out, and started to clench his ass, again and again and again.
He kind of collapsed on top of her, gasping for breath. Outdoor sex on fasano.
She squeezed her thighs around him, then let her legs fall down onto the bed on either side of him.
When she did, I could see that she was still partly dressed above the waist.
After a minute, she started to talk to him. Woman seeking men boston for sex.
“Thanks, baby, that was the best.
You are one fine fucker.
” He said, “You were pretty hot, too.
Let’s get dressed, and I’ll take you back to get your car.
I really need to get home.
” They started to get up.

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I tiptoed down the hall, and back down the stairs.
I went into the den, partly closed the door and waited, my hand still on the front of my pants, rubbing my stiff cock.
After a few minutes, I heard them coming down the stairs. House party sex nude.
I didn’t know the guy; he was tall and good looking, though.
I did know the woman, of course.
My wife was wearing a dress I hadn’t seen before.
She looked hot in it, as it was quite short and tight in all the right places. Girls in yoga pants showing there boob porn.
It looked like she didn’t have a bra on under it, either.
They went out the front door, and up the street to a car parked two houses away.
I watched out the window as they got in and drove off.
I went out to my car, backed it out of the garage, and parked it just around the corner, and waited to see what happened. Nahomyhot ladies cum videos.
I guess I should have been upset, and probably I was.
I was also turned on, big time.
I had to work to keep from stroking myself off while I waited.

About twenty minutes later, my wife drove up in her car, pulled into the driveway, and parked. Brooke vincent lesbian.
She went in the house.
I gave her about fifteen minutes, and drove back home.
I parked in the driveway and walked in.
“Hi, honey,” she said.
“You’re home early.
” “Yeah,” I said.
“They cancelled the meeting on the contract for tomorrow. Girls peeing in pantyhose.
How was your evening?” “Just fine,” she replied.
“You know, the usual.
A light supper, and put on the PJ’s.
I was just reading.
There’s never anything on TV.
Boring, boring, boring.
” I walked over, and kissed her. Fun porn chat rooms the good looking kind bored text me.