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And she’d been given nothing but green lights.
She bit back a smile.
Turned around to the table behind her.
Chocolate pudding and syrup.
Whipped cream.
Body paint, yellow batter.
Giant bowls, ladles, paintbrushes, wooden spoons. Strict parents spank.
“I miss anything?” Baun.
Mia lifted a shallow wooden spoon.
Dipped it deep into the chocolate pudding and lifted the bowl with her free hand.
She rested the spoon against the side and turned, clicking the camera’s “On” button. Best would you rather dating questions.
Feeling awkward, she side stepped the camera to be out of range.
Raised the spoon above her head, then lashed it outward with an abrupt stop.
Chocolate slapped across the latex leotard’s keyhole to Baun’s cleavage. Zenayda is a slut.
Baun tipped her head back and gasped.
Mia bit her lip.

Whipped another spatter onto her legs.
Moaned as she watched those alabaster white legs drip dark brown.
Pudding splattered onto the floor.
Shaking her head, she turned around and exchanged the bowl for the syrup. Sexy-milf turkey porn sex.
Climbed a step on the ladder, raised the chocolate high, and squeezed.
It ran in thick drips down Baun’s right leg, rolling to inner part of her knee and down her calf.
She darted to the other side.
Continued the drips there, then met Baun’s eyes. Lady_secret men video chat.
Baun pushed her head back.
As soon as she did, Mia climbed the last step of the ladder and squeezed the bottle over her head, letting the syrup race down Baun’s scalp line.
It poured over her hair, temples and neck. Sexyalexxia skyp sex chat.
Spilled over her breasts, pooled into her cleavage, down the front of her leotard, and slid down the lines of her legs.

“Raise your head,” Mia commanded.
Her chocolate-matted hair leaned onto her shoulders, spilling new bands of syrup onto the peep of her collarbone. Erotic outside movie clips.
But her face remained clean as she watched Mia.
“Look at the camera and close your eyes.
” She did as she was told and Mia climbed the stepstool again.
She twisted off the top of the bottle and turned it upside down. Sexy asian cams.
Chocolate cascaded down Baun’s face until Mia could barely make out her features.
Her mouth opened for breath, humanizing a statue of goo dripping before her.

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