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” “Rain, I’m s.
” “Ntozke Shange-sorry?” “Yes, baby.
so sorry.
I was stuck.
The traffic was terrible.
” Jon sat down next to me in the booth, as opposed to sitting across from me, to explain his pickle.
After five years of marriage, he knew I sensed when he was lying. Tonight girlfriend tonight fun xxx.
One good look at his hazel eyes would reveal his deception.
Normally, his pupils dilate; transforming the hazel to coal black, the moment untruth escaped his lips.
Sitting next to me afforded him the luxury of not paying the direct-eye-contact-taxes due. Red flags during internet dating.
But I didn’t care.

My hormones were raging, so I let his poor attempt of evasion slide.
A whiff of that fragrance he was wearing had my pussy leaking.
Smiling, I looked at his mocha face and moved my head in a horizontal mini nod. Jack off jill ugly.
“Jon, please.
Save it.
Actually, I enjoyed the ‘me-time’.
It was enlightening.
The respite gave me an opportunity to think and strategize.
Are you indulging in dessert?” “Can we share, Rain?” “My tiramisu?” “Yes, if that’s what you ordered. Online adult chat free one on one.
” “I did.
” “Uh huh, I’d like some of yours.
Yeah, let’s share, and let me place an additional dessert order for later.

I’d like a cookie with cream, please.
” Jon gave a single nod, and his eyes dropped down to the part in my thighs. Threesome night out.
I leaned in, looked down, and whispered, “And I’d like something thick and long in my mouth.
I’ll have a corn cob dipped in chocolate without the husk ‘n silk, please.
” Jon’s cob perked up, waved, and then retreated promptly. Lovestory95 porn stars chating site.
“Oh, there you go! And to answer your question before you pose it, Miss Lady, I’ll give you an emphatic no!” “Ahem,” I had to clear my throat.