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Today, both ladies celebrated their return by proving that age did not matter, and that they again, belonged on stage.
She could not speak for her friend, but in her lowered inhibitions state, Candace put on a show like she had never before; not twenty plus years ago, and definitely not for her bastard, soon-to-be-ex-husband. Princess ass.
And it felt good.
Kindergarten teachers do not do this sort of thing, the voices in her head said.
Nor do north of forty moms, the voices continued, but Candace rebuked and ignored those negative thoughts. Samyprincexx cat rulet seks.
She was letting go.
She had to, and so ensured she did, her dearest, craziest friend who had entered them in the contest.
As both women twisted and teased in the estrogen ebb and flow, Candace surveyed the sea of hard bodies. Karenslim chat sexual espanol.
They were again delicious; just how she remembered.
The college boys and girls, in turn, excitedly scanned the titillating line up with anticipation, but Candace’s lingering insecurities caused her to feel like all eyes were on her. Curlynessa fuck book chating web chating with me.
Any other more recent day, she would have felt completely out of place and refused this challenge.

But not today.
She was a single, vibrant woman again and she was going to prove it.
Sheila had reminded Candace, as she reluctantly climbed the steps to the stage, that this was less humiliating than catching her husband in their bed with that cliched twenty-year-old receptionist temp. Koshe4ka22 free no sign up live stream sex.
As short-lived and impetuous as their unexpected tryst was, Andy’s cheating ended their marriage.
The trust was gone.
Only questions of why remained.
There was no going back.
“You survived that, sweetie,” Sheila reminded, “But you will enjoy this. Hairy african girl handjob dick load cumm on face.
Just like old times.
I promise.
” That reoccurring bedroom flashback of the little blonde bimbo bouncing on her husband’s cock, his lies and excuses, and the memory of the ensuing painful divorce proceedings, catapulted Candi and her vengeance-filled smile to the stage. Miroslava3 liveomg cam sex.
“Fuck it!” Candace had said under her breath.
She was doing this.
As the crew prepared the water spray, one-by-one, each of the lined-up girls tilted back their heads to receive a complementary mouthful of silver agave liquid, courtesy of one of the event’s sponsors.

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With wide eyes and overflowing mouths, Candace and Sheila smiled as they watched each other swallow.
“I hope I don’t do anything I’ll regret,” Candace shouted over the music.
“I sure as fuck hope Candi does,” Sheila yelled back. Kinky ottawa chat.
When the water splashed on the first dancing doll, it electrified the crowd and took the party’s atmosphere to the next level.
Even under the hot sun, the water shocked her young body into heightened arousal, ceremoniously witnessed by the audience. Slut crackheads t.