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Facing Leandra, I dropped slowly to my knees kissing her face, her breasts, her stomach and her mound delicately until my face was directly in front of her pussy.
My hand on her thigh, I pushed gently and she opened her legs wider for me, licking her own fingers to wet her nipples and rub them with abandon. Asian style pizza.
I buried my face into her scant pubic hair, her sweet scent intoxicating my mind, my hands drifted down to her smooth lips and spread them, revealing a pink, swollen rosebud and already incredibly moist pussy. Submission wrestling.
She was stunning in every way and I reeled at my good fortune to have such a divine creature to begin this journey with.

My tongue slowly trailed the length of each of her engorged lips, the sensation compelling Leandra to cry out audibly. Free rough youngporn.
Knowing that Paul could hear her pleasure was thrilling.
I sucked longingly on her cit, feeling her writhe and shudder under my touch.
I started to tun my tongue in downwards, constant strokes over her nub and down to her wet, open hole – mimicking the action that Paul performed on myself, knowing the amazingly gratifying peaks of bliss it had always given me. Do fat girl vaginas smell bad.

Leandra seemed to be experiencing the very same thing as she suddenly took hold of my hair, driving her mound closer into my face, grinding and exclaiming “Ruby, Paul has his pants down and his cock out and he’s giving it a damn good thrashing!” I just HAD to look. Young girls with big tits porn.
And what an exceptional vision it was! His eyes boring into us, earnestly absorbing every detail.
His huge cock in both hands, getting the royal treatment.